You are invited…

Many Davidson faculty know from first-hand experience that external grant funding increases scholarly output, improves instructional productivity, offers invaluable research and individualized mentoring opportunities for students, and enables early career faculty to establish an independent research, scholarship or creative works trajectory. In light of this, the Office of Grants and Contracts invites all faculty – natural and social sciences, humanities, fine arts – to stop by Jackson Court #9 and talk about these and other benefits of external grant funding. You do not have to be ready to write a grant. You may even be thinking two or three years out. Great! One of the things we do is work with individual faculty to plan short-, mid- and long-term funding goals for full-year sabbaticals, faculty-student research, interdisciplinary /cross-institutional collaborations, book projects, equipment, curricular innovations, summer salary, etc. Please email or call x-2644 to set up a meeting.

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