Sarah Waheed – Fulbright Fellowship Award

Professor Sarah Waheed in India

The Office of Grants and Contracts congratulates Assistant Professor of History and Director of Davidson in India, Sarah Waheed, on a Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award.

The Fulbright fellowship in India funds six months of research for the project “Chand Bibi Sultan: Why a Medieval Muslim Queen from Southern India Matters Today.”  In researching the life of a 16th century queen, Professor Waheed intends to highlight the prominent role of women leaders “challenging the narratives of an India long characterized by perpetual Hindu-Muslim conflict, where Muslim women, if they figure in them at all, largely exist on the margins or ‘behind the veil’ as oppressed victims of enduring patriarchy.”

In addition to the Fulbright fellowship, Professor Waheed has also been awarded an American Institute of Pakistan Studies fellowship in support of her research on the impact of the coronavirus on women, workers, and religious minorities in Pakistani cities.

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