Kata Chillag – Greenwall Foundation – Making a Difference Grant

Professor Kata Chillag

The Office of Grants and Contracts congratulates Hamilton McKay Professor in Biosciences and Human Health, Kata Chillag, on receipt of a Making a Difference Grant from the Greenwell Foundation.

The one-year $97,093 grant supports the project “International Medical Graduates at the Crossroads: Ethics of Immigration Policy and Health Care in Underserved Areas.”  The bioethical research project will focus on West Virginia, a state with a high rate of international medical graduates (IMGs), low immigrant population and limited ethnic diversity to explore the impact of policy changes, the acceptance of IMG healthcare providers, and their experiences working in an underserved region during this period of changing immigration policy and increased anti-immigrant sentiments.           

The project team led by Professor Chillag, includes Dr. Maysoun Freij, Senior Research Scientist with the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago; Dr. Elizabeth Fenton, a philosopher and bioethicist at the University of Otago, New Zealand; and Dr. Cristian Sirbu, clinician and psychology researcher with the Charleston Area Medical Center, Charleston, WV.

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