ACLS Fellowship Webinar – August 7

Grinnell College invites you to an interactive webinar “ACLS Fellowship: Advice from Winners at Liberal Arts Colleges” from 10:30 a.m. – noon EDT on August 7.

Three recent American Council of Learned Societies’ Fellowship winners (Eduardo Moncada, assistant professor of political science at Barnard College; Christina Neilson, associate professor of Renaissance and Baroque art history at Oberlin College; and Brent Rodríguez-Plate, professor of religious studies and media studies at Hamilton College–project abstracts available at the links) will provide a panel discussion of how they approached the grant competition, plus Q&A with participants.

This webinar should be useful for faculty at liberal arts colleges who are interested in applying for the ACLS Fellowship and would like a sense of how colleagues at liberal arts colleges have approached the competition. The next two rounds of the ACLS Fellowship are restricted to untenured faculty members who earned their PhDs no more than eight years ago. All of our panelists received the award as untenured faculty, which we hope will make their advice particularly relevant to this year’s applicant pool.

Please register using this form to participate.

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