Teaching: Teaching and research support from our specialists

Students in Kristi Multhaups Reminiscence Project ClassBased on requests and feedback from faculty, the CTL, Library, and Technology & Innovation have created trans-divisional teams to support Davidson faculty’s needs. Composed of staff mostly from the Library and Technology & Innovation, these teams have specialists in different fields that can help you implement a new technique in the classroom or learn a new methodology for your research. Team titles roughly describe their expertise, but the examples of their current work may be a clearer picture of what they do. The team leader is bolded and listed first, and should serve as your first point of contact (though you are free to contact anyone listed in the team).

In no particular order, here are the teams:

Data Analysis and Presentation
This team is exploring various visualization tools that are easier to use than R and provide ongoing support to both faculty and students. One of the projects they are currently consulting on is “Creating Interactive Maps”
Kyo Koo (kykoo@davidson.edu)
Pete Benbow (pebenbow@davidson.edu)
Kelly Denzer (kedenzer@davidson.edu)

Academic/Research Data Management
This team works with faculty on various data-related projects, especially faculty with grants that require a data management plan. They are currently working on Davidson’s Institutional Repository.
Paul Go (pago@davidson.edu)
Daniel Lynds (dalynds@davidson.edu)
Mary Muchane (mamuchane@davidson.edu)
Nick Roberts (niroberts@davidson.edu)
James Sponsel (jasponsel@davidson.edu)

Digital Liberal Arts
This team supports the exploration of digital humanities projects as part of courses or independent research projects. They are currently working with faculty interested in StoryMaps and a Student Digital Humanities Group.
Sara Swanson (saswanson@davidson.edu)
Sundi Richard (surichard@davidson.edu)

Teaching and Research Resources
This team helps faculty find and use the materials they need for teaching and research, with a special focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and open, sustainable content. One of their projects focuses on textbook affordability.
Alison Bradley (albradley@davidson.edu)
Taylor Brendle (tabrendle@davidson.edu)
Brian Little (brlittle@davidson.edu)
Bill Reilly (wireilly@davidson.edu)

Digital Assignments and Outreach
This team works with faculty on a variety of curricular design projects. They are currently working with a biology class on collaborative writing workshops.
Cara Evanson (caevanson@davidson.edu)
Daniel Lynds (dalynds@davidson.edu)
Brian Little (brlittle@davidson.edu)

Oral Histories and Digital Storytelling
The Oral Histories and Digital Storytelling group is working to identify and create a workable process for oral history and digital story projects. They are currently working with faculty members who are interested in using the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS).
Annie Sadler (ansadler@davidson.edu)
Jessica Cottle (jecottle@davidson.edu)

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