Teaching: Add Community-Based Learning to your pedagogy

Prof. Laurian Bowles

Associate Professor of Anthropology Laurian Bowles spoke and led discussion on “Understanding Complex Identities in Social Change Work,” moving beyond the buzzword of intersectionality to consider how community-based work can acknowledge and confront the challenges of identity politics.

Community-based learning or service learning is an experiential pedagogy that combines direct service with course learning goals to meet a community-defined need. In partnership with public and nonprofit organizations, the Center for Civic Engagement connects students, faculty and staff with opportunities to build community capacity and impact positive community driven change.

The Center for Civic Engagement provides for faculty who wish to integrate community-based learning into their curricula and scholarship. For more information on course development, grants for curriculum development, programming and projects, and other professional development opportunities, please go to this webpage or contact Stacey Riemer at striemer@davidson.edu.

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