CAT CLAWS: Text Analysis Tools Workshop

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Attend the entire workshop on Sunday, Nov 11, 2-4 pm
Library B110
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Or attend part 1 of the workshop on Tuesday, Nov 13, and part 2 on Thursday, Nov 15 — both at Common Hour
Library B110
Registration page

Learn to use the Wolfram Language (Mathematica) to uncover hidden patterns in texts. Known as distant reading, text mining, or digital text analysis, the methods introduced in this workshop enjoy broad use in the humanities and social sciences. Participants in this beginning workshop will apply text-mining techniques and sentiment analysis in order to break down, analyze and transform well-known novels and corpora of Tweets.

No prerequisite knowledge necessary.

Topics include:

  • Basic programming in the Wolfram Language
    Text mining
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Data visualization

About the instructor: Dr. Jakub (Kuba) Kabala is a professor in the History department and the Digital Studies program. His teaching and research span the history and archaeology of Europe in the Middle Ages as well as digital research methods in the humanities.

CAT CLAWS workshops are interactive and grounded in project-based problem solving. You’ll work with real data and address real-world challenges with a commonly used tool.

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